Wheel Balancing


Wheel Balancing

Is your steering wheel off center, or are Edmonton’s potholes taking a toll on your suspension and steering system? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our super accurate, quick alignment system. We gladly align all automotive vehicles up to 17,500 lbs.

Unbalanced tires cause vibrations at higher speeds, and result in premature and unnecessary wear to your tires and suspension components, increasing the risk of safety issues and premature repair in the future.

Our Wheel Alignments in Edmonton helps you reduce tire wear, increase the longevity of your tires, protect your safety, and enhance your vehicle’s performance throughout the varying weather conditions of our Canadian climate.

Apart from wheel Balancing, we also rotate your tires to maximize their usage. We adhere to the tire rotation specifications recommended by the manufacturer for each individual vehicle. We also inform the client about the periodic rotation guidelines from front to rear and side to side to equalize the wear pattern.

Rotations should be done approximately after every 10,000km to preserve the life of your tires.