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Computerized Auto Diagnostics

Vehicles are becoming more complex every year, and sometimes they require state of the art diagnostic equipment to find the root cause of their problems. Not only do we possess the skills and equipment required to diagnose specific vehicle concerns, but we also strive to save you money in the process. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any questions!

Module/ECU Programming

People are often led to believe that all reprogramming must be done at the dealership. At Mad Lab Automotive, we reprogram various makes and models of vehicles, which may resolve your electrical fault.

Module Repair

Vehicles these days require highly complex and sophisticated electronics, including an array of nodes (also known as modules or computers). With such complexity, it is no surprise that replacing these components can be quite costly, but we can help keep your costs down with our module repair capabilities. We repair many different types electronic control units (ecu) such as powertrain control modules, body control modules, ignition control modules, and many more. Head to our contact us page if you have questions or to book an appointment.