Hybrid Car Repairs


Hybrid Car Repairs

Hybrid and electric cars are running alongside traditional petrol and diesel engines, and almost every day, a new user is shifting towards them for their improved performance, better efficiency and ease of maintenance. However, neither all-electric nor hybrid cars are built indestructible. That’s why it is always better to have a reliable Hybrid Car Repair Shop in Edmonton at your disposal. And with the unprecedented car electric’s expertise at hand, no one matches the service quality at Mad Lab Auto.

We have an independent team of enthusiast Hybrid Car Specialist in Edmonton, skilled and qualified to address general car electrical services as well as total electronic repairs and replacements. To complement work efficiency, we also have cutting edge tools and equipment to help ease the job and narrow down process time. We ensure complete accountability, and if the job and charge nothing for any mishap you may experience. We’re always welcome to facilitate users.

We’re always reassuring for our auto services, especially in the case of Hybrid Auto Repair in Edmonton. As not many individual mechanics can repair such complex engine types, we proudly offer services matching the quality of any dealership out there, at a reasonable price and quite swiftly. From addressing generator issues to wiring, replacing the regenerative braking system as well as resolving ECU and infotainment blips are resolved here professionally. Visit us to get enchanted.

The most noticeable maintenance work in a series hybrid system is Hybrid Battery Service in Edmonton. Either the battery has charging issues or needs replacement Mad Lab Auto is the way forward. We’ll inspect the battery and perform the necessary work to get you going. We even have some repaired batteries available at the shop for times when you are budget restrained. All-in-all, we are a one-stop-shop to relieve all your vehicular distress. Do give us a try!