The Tips And Tricks To Get Maximum Virus Protection Against The COVID-19

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The Tips And Tricks To Get Maximum Virus Protection Against The COVID-19

With COVID-19 spreading across the globe, there is no absolute measure to prevent its spread. This means that we all have to practice personal hygiene and social distancing, as well as to clean and disinfect the vehicles and the houses. As this will reduce the chance of the coronavirus spread, if we all perform the proceedings, we can surpass this pandemic.

The following are the expert guidelines to consider in order to protect yourself and your surroundings.

Stay Protected Yourself:

The best protection against COVID-19 is to confine your movements. Work from home, don’t over the shop, just purchase goods as usual and don’t go out unless needed. Avoid contact and consuming eatables unless you’re sure of the hygiene. Another best option is to keep a sanitizer with yourself, so even if you’re carrying viruses on your hand, you stop any further spread.

When you need to travel, below is a full guide to sanitizing your car from the inside out:

Cover Yourself First:

Before cleaning the car, you must wear the right protective gear. Wear high-quality rubber gloves and a face mask, preventing you from both the airborne dust and any possible viruses. Apply a small amount of alcohol-based sanitizer to your hands before putting on the gloves reinforce protection. We also recommend you wear full covered clothes to protect skin contamination as well.

Disinfecting The Interior:

  • Soaking Mats And Shades:

Take a deep bucket or a large tub and soak the mats and other removable fabric from the interior and soak it into a detergent mix. Leave them there for more than 15 minutes and then rinse and put for drying in the sun. A vacuum session is recommended as the fine dust particles, and any other solid waste would be cleared beforehand.

  • Scrubbing The Interior:

Mix another batch of a detergent mix for manual scrubbing inside. This mix should be used to scrub the fabric, which isn’t removable. Dip a sponge and scrub away all the dirt and grime in places that are vulnerable to touch. It includes door panels, armrests, steering when and stick shifter or the transmission dial. The roof lining must also be addressed as we as the glove box.

  • Detailed Disinfecting:

You could use the car disinfectant or use a rubbing alcohol solution to address areas like the centre console, infotainment system, door panels, and dashboard. The usage of disinfectants allows better germ termination as well as protects you from any short-circuiting. You could also spray the disinfectant in the AC fins and regulate the air throughout the car.

Disinfecting The Exterior:

Like a traditional car wash, all you need is a detergent mix in a bucket and a cleaning cloth. Soak the cloth into the mix and spread the detergent mix all over the car. It’s better to use the car detergent as it doesn’t produce stain marks when dried. Address the door levers, the windows, mirrors and all other points that can be touched. Let the lather stay there for some time and then rinse with clear water.  Pressure water is best to rinse the car.