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The Key Areas to Customize Your Car’s Performance or Economy

Regardless of the years spend in research and development to create a vehicle, some aspects typically remain unaddressed. That’s where users tend to modify their cars according to their preference to either get better engine response or a better fuel economy. Though these modifications are not recommended for newer cars, but with older models, you are free to perform customizations without voiding the warranty. The scope of car modification is extensive in Edmonton. Enthusiasts are crazy for their cars to look and feel unique as much as possible. However, at our shop, we tend to customize internals without a hefty tag to get better overall performance.

To inexpensively and quickly modify a car to your choice, always remember to address the following three areas.


Transmission is the primary area for a car modification with the potential to not only boost the performance but also to reduce the engine strain and increase efficiency. That’s why we recommend users with a car that’s not up to their desires should undergo a transmission swap with a sports-type transmission for shorter gears or a cruise type transmission for higher gear numbers. Once swapped, you’ll instantaneously feel your car responding as per your requirements. People also look for a manual transmission swap to get more control of their engine power and fuel average. However, these swaps are best suited for someone who has professional qualification and experience in Edmonton. And we’re best at it!


If you don’t want to play with the transmission and looking to add turbos and other components to boost engine performance. There’s a higher chance that your play with the ECU and configure to produce the desired output. As the ECU is entirely computerized, it’s easier to configure using the software. It controls the fuel input, engine combustion as well as crack timing, getting the desired output.

The electrics can also be used for many aesthetical changes like HID installation, neon add-ons, interior lighting and attaching engine response gauges and much more. Electrical modifications also void the warranty so better not attempt on your brand-new car. These electrical mods need careful installation of rectifiers and capacitors to keep the current flowing safely in those add-ons.


The most significant area while customizing your car’s performance is the diagnostics. As the diagnostics will help you assess the weak areas of the car; you can easily replace it and get improved functionality. The diagnostic check is performed at our shop by connecting a computer to your car ECU and starting the engine. It creates a graph output to assess the malfunctioning area. A professional diagnostic should always be conducted before and after the modification to know if the car is safe. Once the diagnostic check confirms that your vehicle is safe, you can operate per your liking.

We all know that there are cars for off-roading, cruising and speeding. But transmission and ECU configuration only will drastically improve the performance of your car’s engine or can be tuned to improve fuel efficiency.

If you find this blog helpful, don’t forget to discuss your need with our specialist mechanics in Edmonton.