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A car tune-up can certainly be an ambiguous request or service, as it can mean different things for different people. Some car owners prefer to an auto tune-up as merely a regular checkup, for ensuring that your car is in good shape and everything is working accordingly. While,Others might refer it as an engine tune-up, which involves changing a series of components to ensure proper functionality. Below, we’ll break down what an auto tune-up is when you need it and what the checklist should look like.

Car tuning or service can be very confusing at times. Some people refer to car tune-up or car service as a regular checkup, to make sure everything is running normally. Other may refer to something related to engine tune-up, which involves a lot of changes in the components of a car. We will discuss what car tune-up is and what and what not is involved in a car tune-up. And when you need it.

What Is Auto Tune-Up

An auto tune-up is broken down into two part, one is the inspection and the second Is the actual auto-tuning. In an inspection, all visual checkups are included, for example, brake oil, engine oil, gear oil, fuel pump, fuel pipes. Whereas the tune-up involves all the components of an engine which are, air filter, oil filter, spark plugs, spark plugs adjustment, fuel economy, ignition checkup, ignition timing, radiator leakage and coolant levels. The tune-up of any vehicle is totally dependent on the inspection, so before tuning any vehicle, it is mandatory to get your car fully inspected.

Signs Your Car Needs A Tune-Up

There are a few simple techniques to check if your car is properly working or not. When your car makes a weird noise and acts differently, it is a sign an inspection might be needed. Before getting an inspection, do check the following things by yourself before booking with us:

  1. Engine lights come on: there is an engine logo sing in your car’s dashboard, whenever it turns on there might be few things you want to check. These lights only get turned on when a sensor or some other component is not properly functioning.
  2. Stalling: another way of checking is your car performance is by observing few aspects of it for example, when you press the accelerator pedal and the response is lagging or a bit slow then it’s a sign that your car might need a thorough inspection
  3. Fuel efficiency/economy: it is very important to keep in check of the fuel consumption of your car, you can simply do it by resetting your trip meter whenever you fill your car with gas, if you start to see your car is giving less fuel economy then before then it is advised to head towards an auto service workshop.
  4. Brake and brake disc problems: If the break of your cars is not responding properly, that is if it is lagging or the brakes aren’t performing that well, it could be observed by pressing the brake pedal. If it’s too soft and spongy, then there might be an issue with your brake line or brake disc
  5. Rough or hard shifting: if the car transmission is processing its gear shift to slowly then or responding with a delay, then there is a high possibility that your transmission is having issues.
  6. Vibrations or shaking: if your car starts to wobble upon braking, steering or by starting it, then there might be an issue with the wheel alignment or steering alignment of your vehicle. Under these circumstances, it is recommended to get It inspected by a professional.